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Wade Cowart

Phone 321.251.6786

Wade Cowart
Cowart Enterprises
By Appointment
St Augustine, FL 32084

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Wade Cowart

Cowart Enterprises
Chapter: BNI Money Makers

Medical, Medical Supplies

My BusinessI provide an FDA Class 1 medical device that significantly improves blood flow to the capillaries throughout the entire body. This provides better oxygen, nutrition, and toxic waste removal to all the cells, allowing them to better serve our body. No pills, pain, injections, or side effects. More energy, less pain, faster healing, better health. In-home or medical office.

Ideal ReferralSomeone in pain, or healers who work with those in pain.

Top Problem SolvedA person with numbness in their lower legs and pain in their feet when walking. Now, feeling is coming back and pain is gone.

My Favorite BNI StorySomeone told me about BNI!

My Ideal Referral PartnerA holistic healer that helps people in pain.