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Liz Villanueva

Liz Villanueva - Psychotherapist
Chapter: BNI Money Makers

Medical, Psychotherapy

My BusinessTherapy for Individuals and Couples. I find it an honor to work with people from all walks of life including couples struggling with marital issues, trauma, stressed out college students and depressed working professionals. Together we would work in collaboration within a safe and non-judgmental environment to discover and resolve these types of conflicts. Early and preventative treatment can significantly improve health and well-being. I believe in the trilogy of the mind, body and soul working in concert with one another to achieve an overall mental health and wellness status. Therapy will improve self-confidence, greater vitality, productivity and peace of mind. All people can grow and gain from the therapeutic experience. I am a bilingual therapist speaking both English and Spanish fluently. I have worked with people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with a wide variety of life issues. I am available Monday - Friday and currently welcoming new clients.