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Jack Froonjian

Phone 386.663.1285
Mobile Number 732.233.2075
Toll Free 877.443.4455
Fax 877.795.9788

Mr. Jack Froonjian
Coretranz Business Services
4865 Palm Coast Pkwy. #4
Palm Coast, FL 32137

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Jack Froonjian

Coretranz Business Services
Chapter: BNI Money Makers

Financial, Credit Card, Merchant Services

My BusinessMerchant Accounts Visa/MasterCard /POS systems CoreTranz serves businesses of all sizes for credit card processing and Point of Sale Systems If a business needs to accept a credit card; we can facilitate that better for less . because we are owning the Visa/MasterCard franchise. What makes CoreTranz different is that – we have a direct relationship with V/MC f meaning businesses are dealing directly with an experienced industry professional NOT with a sales or a bank rep.